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  • Factors influencing the uniformity of protective film coating

    The basic factors of the uniformity of the protective film coating are several conditions directly related to the coating process: coated substrate, adhesive, coated steel roller/rubber roller, laminating machine, etc. There are many factors influencing the uniformity of coating, including operators, machines, materials, methods, and rings, but the basic factors…
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  • What are the common PET protective films

    The protective film is one of the most peer-to-peer protective stickers on the single-level opportunity. The three-layer PET protective film is loaded for the mask and the product. The boutique adopts a polyester case. The mask is hard on the line, more scratch-resistant, and anti-static during permanent disasters, it also…
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  • Protective film characteristics and technical requirements

    According to the viscosity points: Ultra-low-viscosity protective film, low-viscosity protective film, medium-low-viscosity protective film, medium-viscosity protective film, high-viscosity protective film, ultra-high-viscosity protective film 1. Ultra-low-viscosity protective film (ie, micro bottom Adhesive) Features: thick (≥0.03m±0.003),   width (≤1.3), high (100-1500), base material (PE), peel strength (≤5g/cm), temperature resistance (60), stretch Rate…
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